Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Release date!

Today's the official release date in the US! To celebrate, here's an extract from early on in the book:

Darcy’s companions claimed his attention and he turned reluctantly away. As he did so his hand moved to his chest as though he were lifting something beneath his shirt, pulling it away from his chest and then letting it drop again.
‘What is it he does there?’ asked Katrine. ‘Does he wear something round his neck?’
‘Yes, I bought him a crucifix yesterday. The shops in Paris are very tempting,’ said Elizabeth. ‘He refused to take it at first, but he had given me so much and I had given him so little that I insisted and at last he allowed me to fasten it around his neck.’
Katrine’s voice was reverent. ‘He must love you very much,’ she said.
‘Yes, I believe he does,’ said Elizabeth.


  1. yay from the u.s. - i'm waiting for my copy in the mail. sweet passage. *sigh*

  2. Happy release day!!!!!!!!!!!! I've just done a post on you over at my blog! Hope you're enjoying yourself because you sooooo deserve it!!!!

  3. Happy release day! I just hope my library system buys this book soon!!

  4. An interesting snippet from Galleycat you may or may not have read/want to read: http://www.mediabistro.com/galleycat/web_tech/why_do_you_want_to_start_a_blog_124176.asp.

  5. just bought today....cant wait to read!!..:D