Friday, 30 October 2009

Which Austen character are you?

Which Austen character are you?

A fun quiz for Halloween. When you’ve found out, leave your answer in the comments for a chance to win a copy of Mr Darcy, Vampyre! Closing date November 7th.

1) You notice that some of your companion’s teeth appear to be long and sharp. Do you think:

a) He must be a vampyre.
b) Perhaps he should visit the dentist.
c) Jane has lovely teeth, doesn’t she, mother? We are so proud of Jane’s lovely teeth.
d) Lord! Those teeth are worse than Denny’s!

2) You notice a bat outside the window. Do you think:

a) Oh, no, my companion isn’t here, he must have turned into a bat!
b) I’d better close the window.
c) That reminds me of the time when Jane first saw a bat, doesn’t it, mother? I say JANE SAW A BAT ONCE, DIDN’T SHE, MOTHER?
d) If I catch that bat, I could scare all the officers. Lord, fun!

3) Your ship is about to be attacked by pirates, but they suddenly turn tail and run. Do you think:

a) There must be a vampyre on board the ship.
b) They were frightened off by the ship’s guns.
c) Jane was nearly drowned once when she was on a ship, or was it a boat, let me fetch her letter and read it to you.
d) Thank goodness there are plenty of officers on board.

4) Your companion’s friend shows you some very old clothes Do you think:

a) She must be 500! She’s one of the undead!
b) They are very beautiful, and very well preserved.
c) Jane had a lovely shawl, a present from Mr Dixon, it was ever such a lovely shawl, all different colours and she was so careful of it. She put it away ever so carefully but when she took it out again it was all holes, wasn’t it mother? Jane’s shawl, I say it was full of holes.
d) She ought to ask her father for a larger allowance.

5) You are visiting a castle when it is stormed by an angry mob. Do you think:

a) The villagers are rising up against the undead!
b) This is how the revolution started in France, it seems the unrest is spreading.
c) Thank goodness Jane is staying with the Campbells. Just look what the mob has done to mother’s spectacles.
d) Lord, what a time we’re having! Just look at that peasant over there, he’s very handsome, I’ve always liked a man in a blue coat.

6) You go to a masked ball where you start to see strange things. Do you think:

a) Someone is tampering with my mind.
b) I must have had too much champagne.
c) I think I must need some spectacles like mother. Jane will probably need them too as she gets older, but not yet, she has such lovely eyes. Such pretty, pretty, eyes.
d) Lord, I’ve never had so much fun in my life.

7) You learn something terrible about someone close to you. Do you think:

a) I knew there were monsters. I was right all along.
b) I must think about what to do.
c) I must be very stupid, I really must have been very stupid not to have seen it before, Jane would have seen it straight away.
d) Lord, what a lark.

Mostly a's: You are Catherine Morland.
Mostly b's: You are Elinor Dashwood.
Mostly c's: You are Miss Bates.
Mostly d's. You are Lydia Bennet.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Halloween blog tour

I'm going on a blog tour in the second half of October for Halloween. These are the dates and destinations:

19th A Bibliophile’s Bookshelf
20th Fang-tastic Books
21st Night Owl Romance
22nd Romance Junkies
23rd Pop Syndicate’s Book Addict

26th Anna’s Book Blog
27th A Journey of Books
28th Fresh Fiction
29th The Book Faery

For a new extract, check out Twitter in the week of Halloween.

The celebrations will finish with a quiz, here, on the 30th.

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

If you'd rather read in different languages . . .

I know that people drop into the blog from around the world so I thought you might like to know that Mr Darcy, Vampyre will soon be available in Spanish and Turkish as well as English.

There's also an audiobook coming out in February, which will be available on CD as well as MP3.

I'll be going on another blog tour towards the end of October and I'll be putting the dates up in a few days time, so I hope you'll join me then.


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Pride and Prejudice, the epic sequel

I often play fantasy casting with my books, thinking who I would like to play the parts in the event of a film, but when I heard this track - Preliator by Globus - I played fantasy music for the first time, because it blew me away.

Just click here, then click on Music and select Preliator.