Sunday, 21 June 2009


I thought I'd fill you in on a bit of background to the book. It's set at the start of the nineteenth century, in 1802, and the pictures show you the kind of clothes people would have been wearing then. I see Lizzy being dressed in clothes similar to those at the left, and Darcy's French relatives being dressed like those below.

As all you history buffs will know, England was at war with France throughout most of the period but there was a brief peace, The Peace of Amiens, from March 1802 to May 1803. It’s during this period that Mr Darcy, Vampyre is set - the date is important, because it made it possible for Lizzy and Darcy to travel outside England.

The action takes place between October and December of 1802. The month of October was fixed for me by the timeline of Pride and Prejudice, because that's when Lizzy and Darcy married, and December – well, that’s how long the action takes!

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